About Mr Brit

Hi – I’m Mr Brit and I am the author of Mr Brit’s Guide To Orlando. My guides are written to help British families make the most of their holidays. My original guide – Mr Brit’s Guide To Orlando was originally produced in CD-Rom format. The guide was sold by Waterstones, Amazon and other online book retailers.

I stopped publishing the guide in 2011 due to other business commitments. The retail price of the guide was £14.99 but in 2019 I re-released the guide as a free website. The guide covers everything you need to know and tips on how to save money when booking an Orlando holiday.

My latest guide – Mr Brit’s Guide To New York was also released in 2019 and again, this is a free website. These unique websites are as up to date as any travel guide can possible get.

A little about me

My approach to life is to enjoy it while you can because we grow old way too quick. When I am on holiday, Mrs Brit has 3 kids to take care of instead of 2. I have been successful in business but that doesn’t stop me looking for deals around every corner. As with a lot of families in the 70’s and 80’s, we didn’t have much when we were growing up. This has turned me into quite a good ‘money saver’. Some call me tight but I call it being very sensible with what I have. My guides are always written with money saving in mind but my planning tips are as important.

My guides include a lot of anecdotes from our visits over the years and this makes for a more interesting read. Having a guide built as a website allows Mr Brit’s guides to be added to and updated more frequent. If you read a guide this year, it will be a lot different next year so bookmark the website guide.